Concrete Form Builder

When you get to work in the morning, the city has not yet awakened. Your job is the start of another structure that will rise up from the ground you are working on. There is a great feeling knowing you are going to help place the main structure of another building in the Chicago skyline. The work is challenging. Sometimes the days are long and hot. Others are windy, wet, and cold, but the satisfaction of your accomplishments overshadow any adverse working conditions.

Concrete forming is the basics of all building. From house footings to high rise buildings to bridges, the different deck forming systems, columns, and foundations can sometimes be absorbed at the job site, but there is an easier way to become familiar with these different forming systems, and that is at the Carpenter Training Center. We cover many different forming systems so our apprentices are skillfully familiar with them. What better way of learning your trade than being taught at our school? Many times an apprentice learns with some of the same individuals they might work with on the job.

We offer specialized training for those individuals who want a future in a fantastic field, and who are willing to try to put forth the extra effort and mold themselves for the future.

Interested in becoming a Concrete Form Builder? Check the “Minimum Qualifications” tab to see if you are ready to start your career.