Drywall Installer

Being a Drywall Installer is an exciting and profitable trade. Just look at the world around you. Everywhere you look there are walls and those walls have to be covered before we can hang paintings, install electrical outlets, or set up other conveniences that we are familiar with.

There is more to being a Drywall Installer than putting up sheets of drywall. As a Drywaller, you are responsible for laying out the site and even putting up metal studs that the drywall attaches to. Soundproofing a room must be completed, but more importantly, making sure that all the work meets fire safety requirements.

Like most of the specialty trades in carpentry, math is an important part of your education. So, if you are in high school, it may be a good idea to take as many math courses as possible. But you may be wondering what it’s like to work as a Drywaller. Well, your typical day is 8 consecutive hours. Safety is always at the forefront in the Union, so you are equipped with a hard hat and eye protection. The work is hard, but it pays off. Union Carpenters are paid very well and you can get paid “time and a half” or even “double time” for work that you do over 8 hours in a day. Not only is the pay good, but you also get great benefits such as insurance, pension, and the pride of getting trained as a Union Carpenter.

We encourage you to look into the “Minimum Qualifications” section to find out how you can be a Union Carpenter specializing in drywall.

We wish you luck and great success as you pursue your new career.

For additional information on this program, please contact your Local #250 at 847-662-7421