Roofers install shingles and other materials needed to protect the interior of all buildings. Carpenter roofers install and maintain steep sloped roofs covered with asphalt or wood shingling materials that encompass a broad spectrum of shingle types and styles.

Installing a roof can be complex, similar to putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Roofs are a system of overlapping layers that must be consistent and cannot leak into the interior below. Roofers always work outside in the fresh air and under current weather conditions. Roofers can always gauge their accomplishments at the days end.

This trade is ideal for individuals who find pleasure in heights, climbing, and physical exertion. The United Brotherhood of Carpenters apprentice training program for roofers offers extensive training in ergonomics, fall protection, job safety, O.S.H.A. regulations, scaffold/ladder regulations and safety, proper tool handling, and intensive training in the installation of various roofing materials and related flashings and accessories.

Training Adds Up

The rewards of apprenticeship training are the good wages and benefits you receive as a union member. You’ll be working under the protection of a union contract that enables you to become eligible for health insurance, a pension and an annuity.

For additional information on this program, please contact Local #250 at (847) 662-7421.