Our skills are what set us apart from every other worker on a jobsite. Union Carpenters are the best trained and most highly skilled in our industry – it’s what keeps our signatory contractors in business and keeps us in demand.

But skill doesn’t just mean tools and techniques. The ability to manage a team, mentor others and lead by example are equally important talents for building your career and boosting our union.

At the UBC’s International Training Center, we learn coaching, mentoring, leadership and communication skills that today’s contractors are looking for in their workforce.

Journeymen leaders help secure the Brotherhood’s future, while improving productivity and ushering in the next generation.

“If you want to move up in your career and become the kind of team player employers find indispensable, I can’t think of better training than what these leadership classes offer. It’s an investment in yourself.” -EST Gary Perinar 

Journeymen needed for the November 3-6, 2022 UBC Leadership Class at the International Training Center, Las Vegas

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*Participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19

*You must be a Journeyman to attend this program