Welcome to the Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council Apprentice & Training Program

The mission of the Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council Apprentice and Training Program is to provide members both classroom and hands-on training to guarantee that the safest, best trained and skilled work force is at the forefront of technology to meet the employment needs of the industry, now and in the future.

Apprentice Training Programs

Carpenters do more than just frame, roof and apply the siding on a house. They do the concrete forming needed for the high rises downtown; frame the interiors of office buildings; insulate the exterior walls of hospitals; apply drywall in college dorms; lay the flooring in high schools; create the woodwork for the restaurants, weld the heavy gauge framing for the exterior shell; rebuild the steam turbine in power plants; and drive the piles needed for the bridges. The carpentry trade offers individuals who love to work with their hands an opportunity to have a career that they will enjoy.

The Training Program provides eleven four-year apprenticeships and an advancement program to further develop your skills as a carpenter. As you develop your skills, you’ll be better suited for the job sites of the future. Please go to the Apprentice Program tab and look through the crafts that are available.

Skill Advancement Programs

The Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council have a reputation of excellence on the job sites. Carpenters work in a constantly changing field requiring highly skilled workers to meet the biggest challenges. Our Union and our contractors are only successful if each worker has the skills to meet these high demands. Our Regional Council invests in our members by providing programs and classes to give you new skills for success. These programs will get you further in your career and establish you as an expert, ready to meet any challenge on the job site.

The Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council Apprentice & Training Program offers skill advancement classes at no cost to the members. Keep up to date with the technology being used in the field, safety requirements needed for the job sites, and ensure your Qualifications and Certifications stay current by enrolling in refresher courses. Click here to view available classes and schedules.

Latest Updates

UBC Member Training Notifications

UBC members may now opt-in to receive email notifications regarding training, qualifications, and certifications. See the attached pdf to learn how to get emails notifying you when your training is about to expire. UBC_Member_Training_Notifications

Apprentice Out of Work

If you are an apprentice out of work, you may now fill out your information by clicking the icon below – bottom right corner of the page. You will not need to call in every week, just fill out the form every week.

UBC Journeymen: Building Leadership

Our skills are what set us apart from every other worker on a jobsite. Union Carpenters are the best trained and most highly skilled in our industry – it’s what keeps our signatory contractors in business and keeps us in demand.

But skill doesn’t just mean tools and techniques. The ability to manage a team, mentor others and lead by example are equally important talents for building your career and boosting our union.

At the UBC’s International Training Center, we learn coaching, mentoring, leadership and communication skills that today’s contractors are looking for in their workforce.

Journeymen leaders help secure the Brotherhood’s future, while improving productivity and ushering in the next generation.

“If you want to move up in your career and become the kind of team player employers find indispensable, I can’t think of better training than what these leadership classes offer. It’s an investment in yourself.” -EST Gary Perinar 


To Sign Up for upcoming Leadership Programs:

Submit Name, UBCID#, Local#, Email and Cell Phone# to:


In the Subject line, put: Future Journeymen Leadership Program 

*You must be a Journeyman to attend this program