General Carpentry

Carpenters work with many tools and materials to build schools, erect skyscrapers and construct bridges, tunnels and highways. It’s likely that skilled journeymen carpenters partially built just about every building in your community. To be a carpenter is to be a member of one of the oldest and most respected trades. If you like working with tools and creating things by hand, you can build a career in carpentry that will last a lifetime. Some specific crafts are listed below.

Residential Carpenter

Residential carpenters construct homes, apartments and condominiums using primarily wood.

Interior Systems Carpenter

Interior Systems Carpenters install construction materials and a variety of factory-produced systems in commercial buildings.

Acoustical Ceiling Installer

Acoustical ceiling installers are responsible for installing and repairing suspended or acoustic ceilings in both residential and commercial buildings.

Drywall Applicator

A drywall installer specializes in the installation and finishing of drywall panels in construction projects.

Insulation Installer

Insulation installers place insulation in a building to assist with climate control.

Scaffold Erector

Scaffold erectors assemble and disassemble mobile, supported and suspended temporary elevated work platforms.


Concrete forming is the basics of all building. From house footings to high rise buildings to bridges.

Concrete Form Builders

Concrete Form Builders install the concrete formwork in the early stages of a building or other construction project.

Concrete Bridge Builders

A Bridge Builder performs tasks involved in the construction of bridge related structures and other concrete structures according to specification.

Other Specialties

There are numerous other crafts that fall under the description of Carpenter. Below are some other Craft programs that may interest you.

Floor Coverer

Floor Coverers install different types of flooring and floor covering in both residential and commercial buildings. They work with carpeting, hardwood flooring, soft tiles and linoleum-type products made of vinyl and rubber.


Millwrights work primarily with metal constructing and who install, inspect, dismantle, repair, reassemble and move heavy machinery.

Mill Cabinet

Mill Cabinet (aka Cabinetmaker) is a professional who possesses the skills and expertise to create and repair cabinets, furniture, and other wooden fixtures.

Pile Driver

Pile Drivers operate pile-driving rigs driving metal sheet piling to hold back dirt during excavations.


Roofers install, repair or replace shingles, shakes or other roofing tiles on sloped roofs.


Siding installers complete the exterior assembly of buildings.