Specialty Crafts

There are numerous jobs that Carpenters do that fall under what is described as Specialty Crafts.

For more information about the crafts listed below, contact your local training center to get more information.

Drywall Installer

A drywall installer specializes in the installation and finishing of drywall panels in construction projects. The role of a drywall installer involves measuring, cutting, and installing drywall panels, ensuring they are securely attached to the underlying framework. They work on residential, commercial, and industrial sites, creating interior walls and ceilings.

Insulation installers place insulation in a building to assist with climate control. Duties include installing insulative materials above the ceiling, below the floor, and in between the wall and the building’s exterior. The installer reads the building plans to calculate quantities and which materials, such as blown-in cellulose, fiberglass, or spray foam, are to be used in each location.



Roofers install, repair or replace shingles, shakes or other roofing tiles on sloped roofs. Roofers work at heights and in all weather conditions. Attention to detail is required to prevent water from leaking into the building.

Siding installers complete the exterior assembly of buildings. They install building envelope materials (physical separator between the inside and outside of buildings), outside cladding materials (vinyl, cement board, cedar siding), flashings for waterproofing, and trims. They work in all weather conditions and at elevated heights for extended periods of time.