We will be opening the training centers on May 4, 2020 for training classes. Apprentice and Skill Advancement classes will start running on their normal schedules.

Apprentices that have had classes cancelled during our shutdown: We are working hard to schedule those classes into the next schedule. Since we want all Apprentices to complete their Apprenticeship as scheduled, we will have your advancement date remain unchanged as long as you are getting the work hours required. Classes missed will be scheduled as soon as possible, which may mean that you have an extra class in your 4th year.

Skill Advancement classes scheduled will remain as scheduled. If there are not enough registrations for a class, the class will be cancelled. For those that were in the middle of a Skill Advancement class when we shut down, you will be notified of the make-up dates for that class.

Any questions about training, please call the school at 847-640-7373.